The fastest way to build a six figure online business is to adapt the attitude, work ethic and strategies of someone who has already achieved it.

In this interview you are going to hear from multiple six figure earner Keysha Bass where she reveals some of the key strategies and the mindset that allowed her to grow a six figure business using only free Facebook marketing and how she has since scaled to multiple six figures in only 12 months.


5:23 – Keysha’s interview starts.

6:40 – Understanding this is the ‘key’ that will allow you to get out of learning mode and in to make money mode faster than anything else and it doesn’t require any special skills, absolutely anyone can do this.

8:34 – Discover how to eliminate your excuses and finally silence that story that you tell yourself why you can’t be, do or have what you want.

10:32 – Discover what is really stopping you from ‘breaking though’ and cracking the code to making money online and how to remove it. I promise it’s not what you think it is.

11:16 – This one simply strategy will help you get rapid sales and hit the leader boards in your company

11:59 – How to grow your online business even if you have no money to spend on advertising. Learn the exact step how keysha grew her business to six figures while she was unemployed.

12:50 – Discover the exact steps how Keysha build a six figure business using free Facebook strategies, this is a perfect way to grow your business if you have no money.

13:39 – Revealed, the one strategy you must have and why it works so good it you want to build a six figure business and beyond

15:40 – Learn exactly how to post and what type of posts you should be using on Facebook to get easy sales without paying for ads

17:18 – Why selling is not a dirty word and how to ethically sell more to your leads without being hypy or salesy

18:04 – Here’s why building an online business is the best path to financial freedom today for the average ordinary person

19:01 – Get the right action steps and mindset that you must adapt if you want to build a six figure online business.

19:34 – Discover the exact questions to ask your prospects that will open then up to what you are offering and want to know more. This tactic can get a lot of easy sales if you use it

20:29 – Learn how Keysha removes rejection from her marketing and sales process to rapidly increase her sales and build good will with her audience.

22:20 – Question and Answer – Keysha answers question from people on the call

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Photo is from when I visited Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens in Northern NSW, Australia

Sam Stone
Sam Stone

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