If you have a blog or produce content regularly then you will love this quick traffic hack.

One of the secrets of getting more free traffic to your blog is to leverage your content and squeeze the most juice out of it.

What I mean is that you want to repurpose your existing content and distribute to as many quality sites around the internet.

This will allow you to gain more exposure and suck more traffic from other website and platform plus it also provides backlinks to your blog giving it more authority with the search engine.

For example you can easily take your videos hosted on YouTube and turn them into podcasts and distribute them via iTunes or the dozens of other audio sites and vice versa.

This is also a great way to be more productive and get more done by doing less. By recording an audio file of yourself speaking your content you can then give that to a viral assistance to transcribe it and turn it into a podcast, blog post, article, video, social media post, all just from one piece of content.

But I am getting off track, let’s get back to this quick traffic hack shall we.

I explain most it in this video so watch this, take action and get some extra tips below.

Turn your blog posts into PDF file https://www.printfriendly.com/

Document Sharing Tips for More Traffic & Sales

Here are some of my best “insider tips” for getting more traffic with document sharing sites:

  1. Save your pdf file name as the keyword you want to target.
  2. Write a detailed document description and feature your main keyword and/or variations.
  3. Add plenty of tags (keyword variations)
  4. Put a bio or a call to action at the bottom of your document.
  5. Make sure to have a link to your blog post in the document
  6. My favorite document sharing site and one of the most popular is www.slideshare.net they were recently purchased by LinkedIn.com and they get around 3.5 million visits a month.
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Here are some of worthy document sharing sites you might want to check out too.


Here is the link to the Chrome browser extension

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Sam Stone

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