If you have been studying affiliate marketing or any of the online marketing ‘gurus’ then I am sure you are familiar with the saying “The money is in the list” and as un-sexy as email marketing might be with all the latest ways to communicate these days. Email marketing is still the most trusted and proven method for driving sales online.

Yes, even after all these years and with all the latest social media networks and apps, email marketing is still, by far the number 1 method for driving sales online.

Source: “Email Marketing Benchmarks 2016: Relevancy, Frequency, Deliverability and Mobility” – eMarketer
Source: “Email Marketing Benchmarks 2016: Relevancy, Frequency, Deliverability and Mobility” – eMarketer

This is why it is so important that be constantly growing your email list and building a relationship with your audience, the correct way. Because if you’re just sending a few follow-up emails and hoping that will take care of it, you’re missing out on a TON of potential dollars.

Don’t lose hope, in this post I am going to reveal the strategy I have been using for email marketing that has boosted my open and click rates and most importantly increased my profits.

I learned this strategy from one of my mentors Misha Wilson who learned it personally from Daegan Smith who is one of the smartest marketers I have come across.

What’s great about this strategy is that it is simple and effective, however is it different than what most people are taught when it comes to email marketing. The strategy is called ‘Talk Radio’ and here is why it is so effective.

The Basics of Talk Radio E-mail

Don’t worry, you don’t have to read this entire article to find this simple and effective method for success. In fact, here’s the answer right now.

Talk radio e-mail is the secret. It helps you get your offer out in the open, in front of your target leads repeatedly. Furthermore, it helps make your e-mail list more responsive while building a vibrant community who actually look forward to hearing from you. So how does it work? Great question.

The basics of talk radio e-mail are simple.  Just e-mail your list 2x per day. The first one is filled with content and value while the second one contains an ad. Send the content in the morning and in the afternoon send an email with the ad or offer.

The name for talk radio-email comes from a metaphor regarding a radio station. When you turn on a radio, you’re flooded with (seemingly) amazing content (music) that keeps you on the air with them. Finally, they shoot you with the ads and the listener does one of three things:

1) They interact with the ad

2) They sit through the ad to await more content

3) They change the channel in frustration

With talk radio e-mail, the same thing applies.

Setting Up Your Talk Radio Email

When sending your blog posts, list value based-emails, podcasts, videos, etc, you should do so in the morning. Why? Well, the goal of the first email is to engage, entertain and build a strong bond with your list.

You want to help your leads get to an end goal somewhere. It needs to be good enough where even if they don’t interact with the ad, they’ll still stick around and remain a subscriber.

When afternoon rolls around, it’s time to hit them with a short but entertaining link filled e-mail.

The goal here is to bring people to a sales page of your choosing. Once there, they will do one of three things:

1) They interact with the ad

2) They sit through the ad and await more content

3) They unsubscribe from your list in frustration

See how it’s just like the radio example above?

Why This Method Works so Well

This method is a “win-win” for everybody involved. First of all, you’re provide your subscribers with something of value while simultaneously putting ads in front of them. Hence, giving you a chance to make money. But what about the ones that get turned off and unsubscribe? That’s a good thing! You don’t want subscribers that can’t see the value in your product. Let them go peacefully and make more room for those that care.

If your content is good, that’s really all that matters. Your subscribers will recognize that and soon, you’ll be building solid relationships with them all. The more relationships you build the more tolerant people will be of the ads you send them.

People would rather get an ad from someone or something they like rather than the useless spam from some irrelevant source. If they don’t buy something that day, don’t worry. The AM email will help keep that relationship strong, thus keeping them around longer and increasing the chance of them eventually interacting with PM email down the line.

Using talk radio e-mail, you can get heaps of sales offers in front of your target market. Furthermore, you simultaneously build a responsive e-mail list that people love. Soon, they’ll be looking forward to your emails every morning.

You’ll feel better about what you’re doing, make sales in the process and as a bonus, rid your list of people that aren’t interested in your product. It’s a simple, and effective way to maximizing profits from leads so stop reading this now and get on it. You know what to do.

If you want to see this Talk Radio email marketing strategy in action then click here and subscribe to my email list.

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