How To Cash In On The Pokémon Go Craze

How you can make money with Pokémon Go

At the time of writing this since Pokémon Go was release just a matter of days ago it has already taken the world by storm.

It has already had more downloads than Tinder and Twitter and as of the 13th July Pokémon GO attracted just under 21 million daily active users in the United States, surpassing Candy Crush audience of 20 million and making it the biggest mobile game in US history.

And it is not stopping there, Pokémon Go is now heading for Google Maps and SnapChat, if it hasn’t already if you are reading this in a few days’ time.

Even if you have little to no interest in playing the game (like myself) as a marketer it is very hard to ignore this massive trend and how quickly it has been adopted. Even though it is just a free game it is already the top grossing app in the AppStore and is rumored to be earning over a million dollar a day.

This article is not about how to play Pokémon Go or how it works, because, frankly I can’t tell you, I haven’t even downloaded the app. What you will learn in this article are some ways you can start making money from Pokémon Go.

1. Become A Pokémon Go Driver

Already on my Facebook wall I have seen people advertising to be drivers or Pokémon Tours earning $30 an hour which is better than an Uber driver.



2. Become a Pokémon Go Tour Guide

There is a start-up called Thumbtack which is like a Craigslist for Tech who are willing to pay you to show others how to play and share you skills, this is what is on their website.

“You’ve perfected the toss and honed the optimal route through your town. Now become the teacher, guiding others to Trainer Masterdom while exploring your city and meeting like-minded Pokémon aficionados.”



If you have mastered the game or gotten to a high level you could sell your account this the guy who is selling a level 20 Pokémon Go account for $100 on Craigslist

3. Leverage Off The Traffic.

With so many eyes on Pokémon Go, now is a good time to get creative and start leveraging off it.

Right now, according to Google there are over 1,000,000 search a month for ‘Pokémon Go’

Google Keyword Pokemon Go

And as you can see from the Google Trends chart it is almost a vertical line straight up.

Google Trends

The game has not been released long enough to have any real data, but you know there is a LOT of people searching for information about it.
So with many people captivated by this game, many of the players will want to learn more about the game, they will look for tips, strategies, news, events and just about anything related to Pokémon Go.

You could create an informative website or forum about Pokémon Go and position yourself to capture some of this web traffic and make money selling advertising space and affiliate products. You could do the same with a YouTube Channel.

4. Get Creative

Already I have seen smart businesses leveraging off this Pokémon Go craze even when they product of service has nothing to do with Pokémon Go, like this donut shop in Gold Coast, Australia


Or like these business.



I think you will start to see a lot more of this type of thing. In a recent interview with Niantic’s CEO John Hanke said that “sponsored locations” are coming, which sound like it might be very beneficial for retail stores. It will be interesting to see where all this goes and what creative marketing comes from it.

That should give you some ideas to get your brain juices flowing, but don’t stop at the idea. Get inspired and take some action towards its attainment. It’s truly a fascinating time and word we live in. There is opportunity everywhere, now go at catch some of it.

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Sam Stone

I'm Sam Stone, an affiliate marketer who specializes in email marketing to generate sales. I'm currently living in Gold Coast, Australia. If you need some help with your online business then get in touch
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Sam Stone

I'm Sam Stone, an affiliate marketer who specializes in email marketing to generate sales. I'm currently living in Gold Coast, Australia. If you need some help with your online business then get in touch

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