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Bonus Package #1

Total Value $47.00

FREE - My 6 Most Popular Money-Making
Instruction Manuals ($47 Value)

If you just want to 'test-drive' the system and get started at the $1 trial level then I will also give you my 6 most popular step-by-step instruction manuals that will help you drive targeted traffic to your system to help you get fast results. These reports will walk you through each and every step for generating laser targeted web visitors who are interested in what you are offering.

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Bonus Package #2

Total Value $608.00

(Everything in Bonus Package #1 Plus Everything Below)

Now, if you are really serious about building a successful online business that will free you from the clutches of your boss and provide a lifestyle for you and your family that you have been dreaming about, then I want to reward you even more and make it a total no-brainer for getting started with me today.

When you get started with The Super Affiliate Network today AND take advantage of the heavily discounted Super Affiliate Monthly upgrade for just $47 (available on the order page) then I will give you over $608.00 worth of Money-Making Bonuses 100% Absolutely FREE.

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FREE - Lead Capture Page Creation
Software ($67 Value)

You will also receive the same lead capture page software that I use to create all of my high converting lead capture pages for my own business. Building your own email list is one of the most valuable skills you can learn if you want to succeed at making money online.

This software makes it super easy and fast to make some of the highest converting lead capture pages out there. And it's yours 100% FREE when you get started today with The Super Affiliate Network.

FREE - My Highest Converting Lead Capture
Page Designs & Templates ($197 Value)

You will get my Highest Converting Lead Capture Page Design & Templates that average 40% and higher optin rates. These are the same lead capture page templates that I use in my own personal business.

I have spent thousands of dollars and sent thousands of visitors to test and tweak these lead capture ages to ensure they convert at a high percentage, these will make sure you get off to a fast start growing your email list fast, and  you will get them 100% free when you get started with The Super Affiliate Network today.

FREE - My Top 5 Highest Converting Traffic
Providers ($297 Value)

Traffic is the life blood of any business (online or offline) without people seeing what you have for offer then you can not make any sales, which means no money. Over the last couple of years I have spent thousands of dollars testing different traffic providers to find the ones with the best traffic.

When you get started today with The Super Affiliate Network I am going to give you the contact details and websites of the top 5 Highest Converting Traffic Providers that I have found. Their traffic is red-hot, hungry and ready to buy and they are yours free when you act today.

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How To Claim Your Bonus:

To get your bonus, simply send me 'proof of purchase' to sam@samstone.co or via Facebook.com/SamStoneInc and I will send you immediately give you access to your Bonus Package.