“You should really go and voluntary at a retirement home one day and just talk to them, it will make you want to do shit every minute of your life, because when you see that regret in a man’s eye’s it’s fucking painful because they can’t do shit about it. When you’re 90 and you’re not mobile and you tired and it’s over, you can’t do it any more, you can’t build that company or spend your time with your kid… it’s regret and it drives me.”   

This is from one of Gary Vaynerchuk video’s where he is giving advice to a young, up and coming entrepreneur.

Now, besides giving you the rightful kick in the butt that we all need from time to time, it also reminds me of just how good many of us actually have it, yet still make up silly stories and excuses why we can’t do or have something.

Sometimes we need little bit of perspective…

Like my friend Karen, who despite all the personal challenges she is facing, she still manages to produce amazing results in her online business.

Even while stuck in her hospital bed, Karen earned over $3000 last month.

In this interview Karen explains exactly how she made over $3000 last month while in her hospital bed.

Some of the things Karen explains in the interview are:

  • How she leverages social media in a non-salesy way to attract new customers
  • What systems she has in place that allow her to produce automated sales in her business with minimal work
  • What the number one skill she learned that allowed her to breakthrough in her online business
  • What she does different than most marketers to sell high ticket items without being hypy and saley
  • Plus LOTS more

Check it out here… And if you get value, don’t forget to leave a quick comment and to share.

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The only things stopping you from achieving your dreams is that story you tell yourself why you can’t have it. Change your story and you will change your life.

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Photo is at Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in China. Has 10,000 Buddhas carved into stone ranging in size, the ones in the photo are the biggest ones in this area.

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