Recently I have had testing some low budget traffic strategies to help my team members who are on a tight budget grow their business.  One of these traffic strategies I have been getting some good results with is Instagram shutouts.

In this video I walk you through why Instagram is a great place right now to get buyer friendly traffic and how to get your offers in front of it for as little as $3.

Instagram is a hot traffic source right now and with it being own by Facebook whose plans are to take over the digital world, Instagram is positioned to only become an even stronger player in the future.

After doing some research I was shocked by some of the things I discovered about Instagram.

Not only does Instagram have over 500 Million actively monthly uses, 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post. *

The Basic Strategy:

You are going to place your ad in the form of an Instagram post (includes image, text, hashtags) on other people’s Instagram profiles (called Shout-Outs) who already have a large audience based around your niche.

Depending on the how much you pay, it will determine how long your ad is posted to the other person’s Instagram profile. In some cases you are allowed to place you clickable link in the bio of the Instagram profile you are doing the Shout-Out from.

Here are some places where you can buy Instagram Shout-Outs

Tips #1

You do not need an Instagram account to use this method, however I would recommend you make one, or create a new account. This way you can have a call to action in your ad to follow your Instagram profile.

As you grow your Instagram following you are building an audience that you can continue to make to over and over again.

Tip #2

Always send the traffic to a lead capture page. You want to always be building your list, most people will not buy the first time they see your offer and if they don’t buy and you don’t capture the lead you have wasted your money.

Helpful Resources: – Image editing tool for making attention grabbing Instagram posts/ad – Capture Page and Sales Funnel software – Tracing software for knowing what traffic source is producing the best results.


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Sam Stone
Sam Stone

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