Wow, thanks for actually checking out my “about me” page, thanks!

As you’ve probably figured out already my name is Sam Stone and this is my blog.

I love travelling, marketing, personal development and I’m a huge Seinfeld fan.

And that brings me to why I’m not writing this ‘About’ page in the third person like so many others, because every time I read third person ‘About’ sections it reminds me of Jimmy from Seinfeld.

A bit about me…

Like many kids growing up I wanted to be rich and famous, watching MTV Cribs dreaming about the big mansion and fleet of fancy cars and the freedom to do want I wanted.

Problem was…

Growing up and into my early twenties I was shy, socially awkward and had zero self-confidence…

I couldn’t sing and you still don’t want to hear me now. I couldn’t rhythm or write songs and still can’t to save myself… so becoming a rapper was quickly written off as a possible path.

Thankfully my parents always believed in self education and always had a library of personal development and business books and audio programs at home. Which allowed me to develop the belief that it was defiantly possible for the average ‘Joe’ to become successful and live the good life… despite past failures or having poor grades at school, which I did.

After baring graduating high school I began working in a factory recycling old YellowPage phone books into cat litter. It was defiantly a winner with the girls.

I quickly learned that I better put what I had been learning in all those books into practise if I ever wanted to live the good life and be ballin’ like my MTV Crib compradors

So I quit the factory job and got a commission only door to door direct sales job, selling home security systems.

My friends who were all starting a trade thought I was crazy and my parents keep encouraging me to “keep looking for something more stable” as my Mum put it.

But I found a passion for sales and psychology and it was a great training ground to practise the law of attraction. Looking back, it was one of the smartest decisions I ever did.

Being an introverted, shy, socially awkward kid jumping head first into a profession where I was forced to talk to complete strangers in their own homes and if I didn’t do it successful I wouldn’t eat, meant I had to learn fast.

It was sink or swim, but lucky I had a great sales manager who believed in me and guided me on the right path because it defiantly wasn’t easy for me. I wasn’t always the best sales person but I would make sure I worked harder and brought in more leads than everyone else and the numbers and practise worked in my favour.

From there started a few business that all eventually failed and ended up in about $17,000 in debt. So with my tail between my legs I went back to what I knew best – direct sales and went on to sell millions of dollars of product in the tourism industry.

Now, a bit more mature I don’t desire to be a rapper anymore or have a big mansion or a fleet of fancy cars, although I wouldn’t say no to a Tesla Model S P100D.

I still have a passion for sales, but sitting down face to face with people is very limiting and to be honest I was getting sick of hearing people’s excuses, so in 2009 I went searching for a better way…

That was when I stumbled upon internet marketing and The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and discovered a world where people were making a lot of money selling products online and using the internet to leverage a global audience for very low cost. I was hooked immediately and ever since been studying and building online businesses.

Now, this is the part where I would love to insert a pic of me posing with my lambo and tell you how I hit a home run immediately and became an instant internet millionaire like you read so often about…

But it was far far from what happened…

For the most part of that time I struggled to make any decent money. I spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on courses, programs and software that mostly didn’t work, unfortunately there is a lot of crap out there and to be fair I didn’t apply much of it either.

I not here to shift blame, I try not to do that, Extreme Ownership (btw great book by Jocko Wilink) is what it is about. The sooner you take responsibility for everything in your life is that day you gain back your power.

So what changed?

I stopped buying courses and programs and focused on one proven formula, got myself a coach did the hard work applying what he told me to do.

Now my goal is to help you build an ‘Internet Lifestyle Business’ so you can make enough money to quit your job, spend your time how you want and live a more fulfilled life.

If you would like to learn about the same formula I use – click here

So that’s where I leave my story for now.

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