Who is this Sam Stone guy?

It’s actually slightly upsetting that you don’t know who I am! lol ūüėČ

I’ll keep this short and sweet and will expand on it later, in the meantime if you want to know more¬†contract me¬†here.

I know most About pages are written in the third person but I don‚Äôt like talking about myself in¬†the third person so here it goes…

rsz_1smallsamI’m currently living in Gold Coast, Australia. I go to the beach almost every day and love to travel.

After leaving high school I did a variety of manual labor and factory jobs before landing in direct sales and started selling home security door to door. Even though many of my friends and family thought I was crazy, I loved it and found a passion for sales.

From there I went on to sell millions of dollars of products with the majority of it in the Timeshare industry. Having an ambitious heart and big dreams, I wanted more freedom. Sales is a great paying job but it is not scaelable. You can only see so many people a day.

By accident I stumbled upon internet marketing and discovered people were making a lot of money selling information products and using the internet to leverage a global audience for very low cost. I was hooked immediately and ever since been studying and building online businesses.

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